1 LT Filler & Capper Monoblock Machine

Designed and made by FILL TECHNIC. Loadcell controlled filler is sensitive for filling edible oil into PET bottles from 375 ml to 1 LT. Capper supports 2 different types of plastic press-on caps with 2 individual cap chutes.

Robot Arm Palletizer for Pails & Buckets & Tins

Designed and made by FILL TECHNIC. Automatically picks and places the plastic pails & metal buckets & metal tins on the pallet. Consists of 2 different model designs of Magnet & Jaws grippers which are integrated with separator carton vacuuming cups.

Bottle Conveyors

Designed and made by FILL TECHNIC. Used to transport PET bottles, HDPE bottles, glass bottles, aluminum cans, tins, jars, polycarbonate and poliproilen containers. Chain types can be stainless steel or acetal.

 Complete Line for Tin - Jar - Pail - Can - Bucket

This complete line for tins from 25 LT to 5 LT is designed and made by FILL TECHNIC. The line is also suitable for similar jars, pails, cans and buckets. Loadcell controlled rotary filler, stand-alone capper and Robot-Arm palletizer are all designed, produced and installed on site by FILL TECHNIC.

Air Conveyors 

Designed and made by FILL TECHNIC. Stainless steel air conveyors with extruded UHMW-PE neck guide have been installed on-site for transferring empty PET bottles from Blower to Filler.

5 LT Filler Machine

%100 made by FILL TECHNIC. Loadcell control provides 1 gr sensitivity. Rotary types can be designed monoblock of Rinser / Filler / Capper. Filled products can be water, fruit juices, carbonated soft drinks, dairy products, edible oil. Available for sizes from 0,5 LT to 18 LT for PET, glass, tin, jar containers.

Capper Machine

Designed and made by FILL TECHNIC. Can be designed for aluminium screw cap, plastic screw cap, plastik press-on cap, crown cap, twist-off cap. Available models with single head or 16 heads.

Glass Bottle Brush Cleaner & Steam Sterilizer Machines

Designed and made by FILL TECHNIC. Deposit bottles for carbonated soft drinks and dairy products are cleaned internally with brushes and rinsed via caustic solution automatically.